Feather Grants are an experiment in micro-patronage, providing tiny grants (upto $500) to individuals creating positive-sum value across a variety of fields.

Our thesis is pretty simple.

While we do allow anyone to apply, in practice, the people we fund are primarily young individuals from developing countries, with a plan that could make a meaningful impact to them, their community or the world. The further off these plans are from the mainstream path, the more encouragement matters, and the more likely we are to fund you. You can apply here.

P.S: If you happen to be in charge of, or actively involved with, a community of young people in a developing country, we might be interested in working with you to run some grassroots-level talent finding experiments. Contact us at team@feathergrants.org

If you feel like that doesn't really match your profile, we encourage you to consider some of the other internet microgrants instead. Nadia has a really comprehensive list, and these are some of the programmes most similar to Feather Grants.

People who are interested in supporting this project through funding, publicity, or have any further questions, kindly reach out to us on Twitter or email us at team@feathergrants.org